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Celebrating the greatness that is Kara Tointon.

She will be loved.

2/16/05 04:02 pm - _intheminority

Due to pathetic, and childlike, comments recently posted in this community - we are now  F R I E N D S    O N L Y!

If you would like to be a part of this community, you MUST comment and leave reasons as to why you are a Kara fan, and why you would like to join.  I will not add anyone who doesn't comment here.


1/9/05 04:46 pm - _wishuponastar - *Some caps from Dream Team*

Hello to you all<3

I was bored so made a few caps from Kara's appearance in Dream Team last week. There's only a few, I haven't done all her little bits yet :)

Smiling, you'd light up a room...Collapse )

Sorry about the crappy quality...they were only taken with my digital camera.

<3love&rahs xXx

12/22/04 10:10 pm - hooverskillis


12/15/04 08:41 am - laurajudd

*im a kara supporter*
heya everyone! its lauz (mrs laura bourne on the kt.net boards)i just wanna say kara is such a wkd actress! shes an inspiration to me and shes a gr8 role model! and congratulation to kara for getting a permanent role in dream team! woooo! *partays*

good luck in the future kara, you dont need my luck tho cos ur gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!!

lauz xx

12/14/04 10:15 pm - cwmone

Yeah finally a community about the great Kara!

My name is Clélia, I'm 22, French but live in Wolverhampton.

I think Kara is amazingly pretty and a great actress.

I am obsessed with my bands : Boosted, MacFlai and the Vee.

I loaf Harry Potter, Ron Weasley is my fave character.

there's probably more to say but i cant think now... :P

12/14/04 07:50 pm - hotel44

Hello, good day etc etc.

Firstly big thanks to _intheminority for making this fine community, why didnt we think of it earlier?

Secondly, i know really no-one's interested in me, but i thought i may as well post to get this community up and running. I'm Naomi, im 21 and a big fan of the lovely Kara. Of course i discovered her through her other half in those Brits pictures, but fell muchly in love with her. I'd always been a major Teachers fans and had loved her character, but hadnt put 2 and 2 together and realised it was actually her. So when i found out i dug out my DVD box-set and watched her episodes repeatedly. It was then i realised what an amazing actress she is.

My most recent favourite has been Mile High, who can't love her in that? My obsession is helpfully fuelled by the gorgeous Nikki [matt_emulsion] and her fabulous site karatointon.net.

Other than Kara my main obsessions are busted, hanson, the polyphonic spree and delta goodrem<3

Sorry i don't have anything new to offer, but hopefully i will soon.

Take Care, Naomi x

12/10/04 04:06 pm - matt_emulsion - Hey there comrades!

Look at me, being the first one to post on this shexay community! First I shall start of with a little bit about me! I go by the name of Nikki, I come from and live in Glasgow and I just recently turned 18. I loaf Marilyn Monroe, Taryn Manning, Ewan McGregor, Jake Gylenhaal and of course our lovely Miss Tointon :) I'm also a huge fan of Busted, The Sham, Vee, Speedway, Britney Spears, BoomKAT, Girls Aloud, Joss Stone and oh so much more that I would bore you if I went into them all.

I first heard about Kara through her inferior other half, James. I saw the pictures of her with him at The Brits and thought she was gorgeous - seeked out Teachers, fell in love and the rest is history <3 I truly love everything she's done (well apart from The Football Factory...Karas beautiful in it, but the film makes me want to die!lmao!) but my favourites have to be More Than Love and Mile High. I cannot wait until she returns to Dream Team - only 2 weeks on Sunday ;) Somebody is making me a tape of when she was in it before, so maybe I'll be able to add that to my collection of favourites!

I run http://www.karatointon.net with Lola and Laurie and it's my pride and joy ;) So proud of it and the number of people we get visiting it just rises each and every day - very exciting that so many people are interested in Karas work!

So anyway, I've waffled on a bit now! haha!!

Al my love, Nikki x
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